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I Would, Would You?

Aug. 30th, 2011 | 12:26 am
mood: sleepy sleepy

YEY! FINALLY! i had time to finish this video XD
actually, the song was finished last year but i always find reasons not to finish the video lololol XD
so this is it! the video i previously planned to finish before Yuto's birthday, but Yuto is so great that his birthday intersected with my preliminary exam's schedule.
whatever XD it's nothing special anyways.
it's just a song...that i made...for him... :""> looool

and pleeeaaaase, if you don't like it, i don't really care, it's not for you :))
loljk (no really i don't care)
but constructive criticisms are very much welcome,. HAHAHA,..

but do excuse the boring video XD

in case some of you will ask, "loool, who's the other one you're singing with?"
it's just me :)) you know how that works, i don't need to explain.

WTH why do i sound so snobbish =)))))))
oh, if you didn't understand the lyrics, it's in my notes, XD if you're interested.

HABERDEY YUTOOOOO..belated XD labyo :))

Click here to watch the video :) (oh noes, hmm, if you're not yet my friend at facebook, just add me i'll add you, i promise :) )

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Yuto's bday

Aug. 1st, 2011 | 06:57 pm
mood: distressed distressed

hooray! :)) it's august and there's nothing to think about but yuto's bday...or not.
grar, i really want to put great effort to the video i promised i'll post exactly on yuto's bday but situations are hindering me.
lol to cut the crap short XD yuto's bday intersects with my preliminary examination which is a mere 40% of our grade. Meaning, i don't need to study one page of any book, and of course you know that's bull.
:( i won't have enough time to do the vid in time so i think i'll be able to post it at 3rd week of august.
it's not like anyone's disappointed about it right? lol, i'm just saying XD
and if you made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS XD you wasted 5 minutes of your life.

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Strawberry Shake Epilogue

Jun. 1st, 2011 | 02:36 am

Title: Strawberry Shake Epilogue
Pairing: Chinen x OC (thatsuraito )
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


Three years have swiftly passed. Yann is now turning eighteen. She’s really excited for her debut but something is missing.

Her letter exchange with Chinen didn’t stop for the last three years. There are some times when one of them can’t reply right away because of work or study but as soon as they had a free time, they’ll immediately write for each other.

Just like now, it’s been a month since Chinen’s letter stopped coming.

Maybe he’s busy again. It’s summer so it can only mean SUMMARY. Yea, that must be it. I shouldn’t worry.

But not receiving letters from Chinen this time is a little sadder since her debut is just around the corner.

I wish he’ll have time soon.

Their relationship isn’t really formal. They don’t know what they are exactly. But she knows they are special for each other.

Yann is not accepting any suitors because she knows she won’t love them since she already have the love of her life.


It’s not a problem for Chinen because he’s either busy with work, study or writing to Yann. For him, Yann is the only girl that he can trust wholeheartedly. She’s the most amazing girl he has ever known.

Chinen has been working really hard. He had a deal with Johnny Kitagawa. He’s working really, really hard as a return for a huge request he’s asking.

He misses Yann but he has to control himself.

Everything will be worth it. Just a little more patience.


Everything is all set, her cake, the venue, the catering, 18 roses, 18 candles, her gown, make-up, sandals, the invited guests. She even sent Chinen an invitation though it’s really stupid to do that. She just wants to give him a glimpse of her party.


“Great! Nice one Yann-chii. Now there’s nothing to worry about.” Chinen jumped in excitement when he saw today’s letters.


“Tonight, we will see the transformation of a beautiful girl into a gorgeous lady. Tonight, we’ll be a part of celebrating Yann’s debut as a lady.” The host of her party started the introduction.

“It’s starting now, Yann. Stop sulking. You’ll receive a letter from him as soon as he has the chance, you know that! Lighten up your face, everyone’s waiting for you.” Do tried to cheer her up.

Yann is really trying hard to look happy, she is happy, for all these things, but something is really missing. Something, or better yet, someone that has a big space in her heart.

“And now, the 18 roses”

The first dance is, of course, her father. The following roses were her relatives, friends, classmates, neighbors. Every guy that’s close to him. But the one closest to her heart won’t be here.

She was dancing with the 17th rose when…


The late comer caught everyone’s attention because he accidentally slammed the door.

“Oops! Gomen! But I see I’m just in time.”

She can’t tell who this guy is because he’s in disguise. But she knows him, especially that voice. She’s been wanting to hear that voice in person again for three years.


She was ready to shout when she saw the guy put his finger in front of his lips signaling her to shush.

Oh right, it might cause a ruckus again. SO IT REALLY IS HIM!!! OH MY GOD!!

Chi was wearing a very neat tuxedo that suits perfectly his great built. He looks so handsome though he’s in disguise. Everyone was stunned by his presence.

Chi went nearer and nearer to take her princess in his arms. He held out his hand and Yann placed her hands above his. Their hands suited each other, like a padlock and its very own and only key. No duplicate can replace the original.

They started dancing gracefully like their dance was practiced. Of course, they didn’t have the chance to practice, but their body moved on their own moving every step that their hearts make.

Yann can’t help but flush before the man who’s dancing her. This is it, the missing piece, the one thing that made everything make sense, the only man that can make her flush anytime.

“I missed that cute face.” He smiled as he saw her blush.

“I missed that smile, too”

“So, can I bombard you with questions now?”

“Anytime, Yann-chii”

“How is it possible that you’re actually here in my debut and dancing with me? Don’t you have work? Won’t Johnny-san kill you? And why aren’t you sending me letters when you know my birthday is near? I was lonely waiting you know.”

“Whoah, one at a time, dear. Haha. But, I can answer all of that. First, I’m here because I asked Johnny-san a huge favor, and that is giving me permission to go here in the Philippines. There’s nothing to worry about Johnny-san because I made a pact with him before I could have my wish. I must work really hard for him, harder than usual and that’s the reason why I didn’t have the chance to reply to your letters. I really wanted to reply, it’s so tempting, but I have to endure for this moment to come…” he catched his breath then he swiftly turned Yann for a beautiful ending of their dance.

“So, are you satisfied with the answers, princess?”

“Not yet. There’s still some more questions” they bowed and left the dance floor to everyone.

They went to a quiet spot and continued their talk.

“So, how long will you be staying here?”

“Five days. You can consider it a miracle that Johnny-san allowed that. Originally, I asked for a whole month, but yea, he wouldn’t agree with that, and we went down to five days.”

“Where are you staying?”

“Somewhere near you.”

“What? Are you going to stalk me or something?” she laughed because that’s what she was actually doing to him as a fangirl.

“If that’s what you like, I can.”


“Are you done with your questions?”

“I think, for now.”

“Then can I have one question, please?”

“Go ahead.”

Chinen took something out of his pocket. It was a jewelry box, a big one. He opened it and it showed a very simple but beautiful necklace with her name, “Yann-chii” as its pendant.

Yann was so surprised at what she saw. She gasped with her hands in her mouth.

“I plan on completing this set. Haha! And for my question.”

He put it on Yann’s neck and started asking,

“Will you be my girlfriend?”


i'll leave it to your imaginations what happened next,. lololol
oyea~ i'm sorry this ended up into 5 posts ~_~
this was actually oneshot but LJ just won't allow it to be one XD
post too long blegh~
to anyone who read it and reached 'till here, thanks~ :D i can't believe you withstood the cliche'ness (is that even a word XD) of my work :DD

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Strawberry Shake part 4

Jun. 1st, 2011 | 02:32 am

Title: Strawberry Shake part 4
Pairing: Chinen x OC (thatsuraito )
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff

Part 1
| Part 2 | Part 3

“Come on Yann, hurry up! We’re going to miss our flight!” her mom shouted at her.

The taxi is ready, and their entire luggage is inside it.

She was there, still trying to see if another miracle will happen and see Chinen around the corner.

But he’s nowhere to be found. She finally gave up and followed her mother and went inside the taxi.

The taxi started moving and she freaked out mentally. She’s moving farther away, away from the place where all of her memories with Chinen lie, farther away from him.

I don’t want to go yet. Please, God, stop time…Yann-chii!!


What the heck, I can still hear him in my mind. I’m sorry Chi, I really don’t want to leave, but I can’t.

Yann-chii!! Yann-chii!

Wait, that’s not on my mind anymore!

“Mom, did you hear someone calling me?”


So it is just my mind. *sigh…


This time, she tilted her head and looked outside.

Her eyes widened as she saw Chinen in his bicycle.

“CHI!!! Driver-san! Please stop the car for a moment!”

Everyone inside the car was perplexed because of how loud her voice was.

She went out the taxi and saw Chinen getting off his bike and run towards Yann and without thinking he hugged her tightly.

They stayed like that for ten seconds and broke the hug to see each other’s face but their hands didn’t let go of each other.

“It’s really you! I thought I was just hearing you call my name on my mind! Haha!”

“But isn’t that impossible, taxis are supposed to be sound proof. I just shouted your name because I thought I needed to, I didn’t thought that you’d actually hear me!” he was amused of how things worked for the two of them.

“I know! I’m so happy I heard you. ANYWAY! Why are you here?? Don’t you have a concert today?!”

“It will start in…” he looked in his wristwatch, “20 minutes. I can still make it don’t worry. I just can’t let go without me seeing you.”

Yann flushed because of what Chinen just said to her. It’s like he’s saying that he likes her. But she can’t be too assuming, Chinen might be really this passionate to his friends.

“You never fail on amusing me when you flush, you know that?”

“And you never fail on making me flush. I think you’re already doing it on purpose! To amuse yourself!” she hit his shoulder lightly.

“What?! Of course not!”

“HAHAHAHAH” they didn’t noticed that until now their hands are intertwined. They didn’t really mind.

“AHEM! Yann, I know you’re having a great time there, but I’m afraid we’re going to miss our flight if we stay any longer.”

“Oh yea! I almost forgot. Go on, Yann. I’ll see you soon!”

“I’ll be waiting.” She went inside the taxi not removing her gaze at him.

Her dad didn’t go in just yet. He talked to Chinen then Chinen took out a piece of paper out of his bag and her dad wrote something in it.

What’s dad doing?

Her dad went in without saying any word, she didn’t bothered to ask him because she was preoccupied at waving to Chinen as their taxi moved away.


“TADAIMA!” Do shouted in every corner of their house. “Wuaa~ I missed you my dear room! I missed you pillow, I missed you bed, I missed you home!”

“Whew, it’s great to be back!” her dad exclaimed sitting on their sofa.

“Let’s rest first then let’s unpack our things.” Their mom said sitting next to his husband.


“Oi Yann! I know you’re still preoccupied about your dearest Chinen, but please don’t forget to breath okay?” Do teasingly rubbed her sister’s back.

“Baka! Wuaa~ I miss him already! I wonder when we’ll be able to meet again. Wait! How did you know?!”

“Well, duh... you should remember to not sleep talk.”


Five days have passed since they left Japan. Nothing unusual happened until this day.

“Yann, you have a letter. It’s from Japan.” Her dad said.

“What??” she can only think of Chinen if it’s a letter from Japan.

But that’s impossible, how can he know where she lives? Yea, there’s a way for him to know, but that’d be too much effort.

“What are you doing staring at the letter? Read it.”

Dear Yann-chii,

Yann-chii? There’s no doubt! This IS Chinen!

She read again.

Dear Yann-chii,

                How have you been? I don’t know if how long it will take for this letter to reach your house. But I sent it anyways, this is my only way to stay in contact with you.

                If you’re wondering how I got your address, I got it from your dad. Do you remember the time when you guys are already going back there in the Philippines? I asked him if there’s a way for me to communicate with you. He gave me your home address. I actually wanted him to give me your email address, but I figured this is better because I forgot that I’m not allowed to make an account in any social networking sites. Well, you know that.

                I hope you’re doing fine there. Don’t worry about me here, Hey! Say! JUMP is going strong and we’re still having our SUMMARY concert. I hope Johnny-san will make a DVD out of it so I can share it with you and show you the different stunts that I practiced.

                You know, Yann-chii, since you were gone, I can’t stop thinking about those happy memories that we had. I can’t wait to make more memories with you. So please wait until the day that we’ll be able to meet again. I promise the time will come that we’ll see each other again. I’ll make sure that we’ll share more moments with each other!

                That’s all for now. I really hope that you’ll reply my letters. The address is attached on the envelope. Please, for your own safety, keep this address a secret, thought I’m very confident that everything will be fine as long as it’s you.

                ‘Till next time!

Missing you,


“I’m so jealous!!! You’re the only one who got to see your love!!! And it seems like you’re having a relationship now! Wuaaa~ I want to see Hikaru, too!!” Yann was startled when she heard her sister suddenly talk exactly when she finished reading.

“Oi!! Why are you reading my letter! That’s rude, you know!” she said while holding the letter in her chest with a smile that can’t leave her face now.

“Please look mad if you’re mad. Your smile is freaky!”

“You’re just jealous!” she chuckled

“You, little!”

They chased each other around the house like children laughing their hearts out.


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Strawberry Shake part 3

Jun. 1st, 2011 | 02:29 am

Title: Strawberry Shake part 3
Pairing: Chinen X OC (thatsuraito )
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff

Part 1Part 2

“GOOD MORNING!!! Wake up, sleepy head! Let’s go to where we’re going today and go back here right awaaaay~”

“Yann! It’s just” she looked at the wall clock, “5:00 am! For heaven’s sake! I was tired from yesterday, too and I’m trying to gain my energy here.”

“Oh come on ate Do. You’re not that old to be exhausted forever! Wake up! I made breakfast!”

“What?! You’re not making any sense! Sleep and try to regain your sentence construction skill.”

“Eehhh~ ate Doooo~”

“Fine!!” she slammed her pillow and sat on the bed. “You’re so gonna pay for this soon! I’m still….”

She saw Do lay down on the bed again.

“Wuaa! Don’t go back to sleep!”

“Why are so noisy?! It’s morning! You might wake other people next door!”

“Sorry, dad.” She bit her lower lip.

“Oh yea, I made breakfast, dad. Why don’t you try it! Come on, let’s go out. Ate Do, we’ll leave you now to your slumber and enjoy our pancakes. Don’t blame us if you’ll wake up without a piece to stuff your stomach.”

“Pancakes?! Dang! She just knows how to get me! Augh!” Do started fixing herself and hurriedly went out of the room.


For her birthday, their destination is none other than Tokyo Disney Land! They rode different rides to their content, bought as many souvenirs as possible, eat their heart out and laughed their lungs out. It was so much fun!

It’s almost dark when Yann remembered Chinen.

He said he’ll be waiting. If we don’t go back now, he might get bored, or worse mad if I make him wait there for a long time!

“Mom, can we go back now?”

“What? Why? The main event is just about to start! Let’s finish this first then we’ll go straight home.”

Wuaaa~ I hope he’s not there yet.


“Yabu-kun, can I go now? I think I’ve practiced enough.” Chinen was surprised when he saw that it was almost dark outside and he promised Yann that he’ll be waiting.

“No, Chi! Why are you so in a hurry? The last time we practiced this stunt of yours you were preoccupied thinking of something. That caused you to fall the last performance, right? Now, do as I say and practice more. We don’t have much time, you need to do that stunt again on the next concert.”

Chinen has no choice, Yabu is correct.

I hope she’s not there yet. I can’t let her wait when I told her I’ll be the one waiting there.

The show just finished and Yann is practically hogging her sister and parents to make them walk faster.

“Come on! Hurry! It’s dark already! We need to get back to the hotel!”


“Okay! That’s all for today everyone. Thanks for your hard work.”

Chinen arranged his stuff as fast as he could, disguised himself, and ran out of the dome.


“Puff…puff…puff…shoot! It’s so late! Just a little more…”


“Mom, dad! I’m going out for a sec!” she didn’t wait for their reply and hurriedly went out of their room.

“She’s going to see him again, huh” her dad said.

“Yea…I hope everything will end up fine.”

“What do you mean?” Do was puzzled.

“Oh, we didn’t tell you? Yann is going out every night to see Chinen. I thought she already told you.”

“What, she told it to you and not to me?!”

“No. She didn’t tell us either. I just followed her yesterday because I’m worried she might get lost and saw her talking to someone. Then last night, I heard her sleep talking and calling Chinen’s name. So I figured that’s Chinen.” Her dad explained

“HAHAHAHA! You deducted just like that?” Do can’t help but laugh on the thought.

“How lucky~ I wish I can see Hikaru around here, too.” She pouted.


Chinen can almost see the park now.

Just a few more seconds Yann-chii. He blushed at the thought that he’s calling her Yann-chii.


“Come on! Hurry up elevator-san!”

*ting. “THERE!”

Yann is running with all her might to get there as soon as possible. She’s in the park now, she can see the stall and someone…running.

Wow, is running a trend at this time?

As she draw nearer and nearer at the stall, the guy running seemed to look familiar. She narrowed her eyes to see if she’s guessing right.



“Almost there!” there’s the stall. She doesn’t see Yann around it yet.

He saw a girl running towards his direction. No, towards where he is going to.

Wait…is she? “Yann-chii?”



They talked at the same time, both exhausted because of running.

“I…thought…that…*huff…you.were…gone…*huff…already…because I’m so late. Sorry” Yann tried to say all the words as clearly as she can.

“No…I…*puff…should…be…the…one…sorry…*huff…I came…from…practice…and…*huff…I didn’t thought…I’d be…this late...” Chinen retorted in almost the same manner.


They both laugh because of their state. They’re too worn out and trying to catch their breath.

When both of them finally had the rest they needed, they were able to talk normally.

“Here’s a souvenir from Tokyo Disney Land. We celebrated my birthday there. My family insisted on finishing the main event that’s why we came home late.” She handed a Mickey Mouse shirt.

“Wow! Thank you so much. How thoughtful of you. Oh yea~ I bought you a gift.” He was putting the shirt on his bag and trying to get his gift for Yann.

“Really?!” kyaaaaaaaaaa~ must.not.flail.in.front.of.him!!!

“Here!” he handed a bracelet with her name as its pendants, it reads as “YANN-CHII”

“Uhmm…I didn’t get any permission from you but I started calling you Yann-chii. I hope you’re not mad.” He scratched the back of his head as he tried to explain.

“No, it’s fine! Really. I’m so happy. Thank you so much Chinen-kun!”

“Oh, you can just call me Chinen or Chi. No need to be so formal.”

“O-Okay…Chinen” she flushed because in his back, she actually calls him Chinen…and now, she can officially call him Chinen with his permission.

“Haha, it seems like our names were linked in your bracelet, look “yann-chii””

Yann, of course, can’t control herself but blush.

When will you stop looking so cute when you blush? You’re making me…wait…what?! I’m falling for her?!

He smiled at the thought.

When will you stop looking so cute when you smile? You’re making me fall for you more. And it’s hard because I know it’s impossible for you to fall for me…but…it’s okay, these things are more than enough.

Yann was trying to wear her bracelet and Chinen saw she’s struggling to put it on.

“Let me help you with that.” He took the bracelet and put it on Yann’s wrist.

“Thanks.” She looked at it smiling. She’s so happy that she has something that Chinen gave her, something that would be a proof that the past four days happened in reality.

“Ano~ I think I need to go now. It’s getting really dark. I don’t want us to part yet but I’m afraid my parents will be worried.”

“Is that so. I understand.  Ano~ Yann, can I ask, didn’t you say that you’re just on a vacation here? When are you going back in the Philippines?”

“Umm, I’m afraid it’s tomorrow afternoon. Why?”

“Sou~ nothing, I just wanted to know. Take care on your way home, okay?”

“Yea, thanks.”

“I’m sorry I can’t even say a proper goodbye to you because tomorrow is a work day, you might know, tomorrow is another day for our SUMMARY concert.”

“I understand. It’s fine, everything you’ve done is more than enough.”

“It’s a pity since we just began to get to know each other and we need to part ways already.”

“I know, I really don’t want to go back yet, but, I can’t”

“Come on, I’ll accompany you on your way to the hotel.”

I don’t want everything to end yet, but I know for a fact since the beginning that this part will come inevitably. But I don’t like it!!! Dear, God, please, stop time and let me stay in this place with him.


She was still in deep thought when she came back and went straight to her room after saying her good nights to her parents.

I hope this won’t be the end. I just hope…

Part 4 | Epilogue

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Strawberry Shake part 2

Jun. 1st, 2011 | 02:25 am

Title: Strawberry Shake part 2
Pairing: Chinen x OC (thatsuraito )
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff

Part 1

The following day, they went to see Mt. Fuji and they sure did take a lot of pictures.

“Mom, let’s go home. My feet are burning in pain.” Yann faked. She just wanted to go home earlier because she wants to go somewhere, alone.

Sorry mom. >< Yann cried mentally because she’s lying to her mom.

“Mine, too, actually. Ask your ate and dad.”

She flashed her puppy eyes to her sister and dad, Do already knew she’s up to something and because she loves her sister and she knows this would be interesting she agreed while her dad, of course, agreed too for he just can’t resist those puppy eyes.


They arrived in their room and when they got to rest, they just called room service for dinner. They’re having dinner a little earlier because they didn’t get to eat that much while site seeing. They were too engrossed by the beautiful scenery to eat.

After dinner, everyone is watching television and it’s now time for her plan.

It’s 6:30 pm and it’s not that late so she thinks it’s still safe outside.

“Mom, Dad, can I buy a shake from the park? I promise I’ll be back in a sec.”

“What? It’s 6:30! You don’t know this place that much yet.”

“its fine, I promise I won’t get lost, please?”

“I’ll go with her!” Do suggested.

“That doesn’t make it any better, dear” their dad said without moving away his eyes from the television.

Wuaaa~ this is harder than I thought. What should I do, I really want to check.

She’s been having this nagging feeling that she wants to go back to the park. It’s not just because of the moment she had there; it’s because of the dream. Something tells her that her dream happened in that park.

“Please, dad, mom. I’ll be back before you know it, I promise.” She’s been using her puppy eyes method but it’s not working.

She’s ready to cry if needed, but she can’t. She’s not an actress and she doubts if that’ll convince her parents. It’ll just make it look suspicious.

“Please….mom, dad?”

“Oh come on. This trip’s for her birthday anyway. Just let her. It’s just 6:30.” Do was actually scared that she might’ve sounded a little rude but surprisingly she’s not.

“Okay! But be sure to be back after 30 minutes! If you’re not back after that, we’re going home.”

“REALLY?! THANK YOU SO MUCH, DAD! ATE! I owe you one!”

“What? You don’t, because I’m going with you.”

“Ehh?? Fine.” I don’t think I have a choice anyway.


 “So what’re you up to?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to buy a shake here.”



Do raised one of her eyebrows.

“Fine! It’s about my dream. I think it happened here, around this time. Only, I’m not wearing this on my dream.” She looked down on her pink t-shirt, black pedal and pink club shoes.

“Of course you’re not! You’d look stupid if you’d wear a coat with furs in the middle of summer heat! So, what are you trying to say now? You think what you saw in your dream will actually happen in real life? Is it that realistic? You keep on seeing it, alright, but it must be just some kind of a sign, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll happen. Besides, as you’ve said you’re not wearing the clothes you were wearing in your dream, so it must mean it’s not happening today…..”

Do kept talking and talking but Yann didn’t really understand what she’s talking about. She’s too anxious about something. She’s waiting for the guy to come out.

WAIT! This is exactly how it went right?! So that was ate Do I was talking to in my dream…and any moment now that guy would appear.

She perfectly recalls it since she sees it almost every night.

Do stopped talking and it made her heart skip a beat…

Any moment now

“Can I have one strawberry shake, please.”

She almost jumped in surprise when she heard that.

WHAT?! That wasn’t part of the dream! Now, this guy just ruined it! AUGH!

“Okay, sir.”

“Yann! Let’s just buy your shake and go home. It’s not going to happen!”

“Fine…” she looked down disappointed.

When she was ready to give her order to the lady, her mouth stayed opened as she saw the guy who ruined the realization of her dream.

It’s the guy from yesterday! The-one-that-the-insane-me-thinks-is-Chinen!

The guy saw her and wondered why this girl’s mouth is hanging open.

Oh~ I know her, she’s the-cute-girl-from-yesterday.

He smiled at Yann, making her shut her mouth in stun.

“Oi, Yann! What are you doing? Mou~ I’ll order! Two strawberry shakes, miss.” She’s not really mad or something, she’s just afraid their 30 minutes might’ve passed before they know it.

“Okay, ma’am. Here’s your order, sir.”

The guy took the shake and went away.

Yann’s eyes followed him as he went farther away from their place when she remembered something.

Hey! This was the continuation!

She was so excited but at this point she knows she’s just gonna wake up.

Oh my gosh, no! I’m not waking up! This is reality! What should I call him? What’s the name I remembered in my dream?!?!

She looked everywhere trying to find a clue or something, but there isn’t anything. She saw the guy going farther away.

What’s the name?!?!

“OI!! Missis Chinen Yuri! What are dazing off for??” it was Do.

Chinen Yuri?? Right! CHINEN…CHINEN...”CHIIINEEEENN!!!”

“Whoah! Who’s that?” Chinen looked back.

“Chinen Yuri?? Where?!” some girls around the park were starting to murmur when they heard her.


He stopped moving, his eyes closed tightly. He’s too nervous to move from his place.

“AHH… MINNA! IT’S NOTHING. I’M SORRY! IT’S JUST MY STUPID SISTER. SHE’S A FAN OF CHINEN. SHE JUST WANTED TO CALL HIS NAME!” Do shouted trying to make the starting commotion to stop.

Thank God! WHEW~

He started walking again, away from his favorite shake stall, afraid that someone might see him again.


They came back just in time making their dad sigh in relief.

But Yann is not in relief. She’s so restless. She’s pretty sure that is really Chinen Yuri, the love of her life.

I shouldn’t have shouted his name! Maybe that’s why I kept on waking up on that part, to prevent myself from shouting his name. I should’ve thought rationally before doing that. Of course that would scare him away. Mou~ it’s hard loving an idol! But, on the bright side, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! I have, in fact, exchanged smiles and bow with CHINEN YURI! I can die happily now…wait! No! it’s not the right time to die, I want to see him again…

Her mind was full of thoughts about Chinen when she fell asleep.


The next day, they went to a place they saw once in YY Jumping. It was on the episode when Hikaru and Yabu rode a kayak. They’ve always wanted to try that ever since they saw them do it, it looks so exciting!

But Yann, though she really enjoys what they’re doing, can’t help but think about Chinen. Since the moment that she had with Chinen, she’s been itching to go back to that place, hoping that she’ll see Chinen.

Besides, it’s their 3rd day now. She might not have this chance again for the rest of her life and she knows she’ll regret it every waking day she’ll have.

“Yann, dear, is there something bothering you?” her mom noticed her nonchalant behavior for the last few hours. “Are you not enjoying this trip? This is meant for you, you know? And if you’re not enjoying it, just tell us.”

“NO! of course I’m enjoying this. Don’t mind me mom, I’m just thinking about something really…amazing. Talking about that amazing thing, mom, can you allow me to go to the park again today?”

“That’s fine with me. But make sure to ask your father, too.”

“Really?! I’ll ask him right now.” Yann kissed her mom and went straight to her father enthusiastically.

Her mom is glad that she’s worrying about nothing.


Yann is really excited going back home because both her parents already gave her permission to go to the park, and this time, she can go alone since she already proved that she knows her way back.

Now, the only problem is whether Chinen would show up today.

I might just be lucky enough to see him for two consecutive days. But I really wish to see him today again. Please Lord, I’m desperate to see him.


And there she was again, standing in front of the stall. She cannot believe it. She didn’t even have to wait for him. He’s there!

Oh my Lord! Thank you so much!!

She went closer to the stall fidgeting.

This is so nerve-wrecking! Come on, Yann! Calm down! Chillax!

“Can I have a strawberry shake, please?”

“Right away, ma’am just a sec.”

It’s her again! Wow! Is this some kind of fate or what? Should I talk to her? Wuaa~ Yabu-kun might scold me if he heard about this. But it’s just a talk. She won’t see my face anyway.

“Hi! It’s you again.” He said smiling his cutest smile ever.

W-wu-what?! Is he…he is talking to me?!

She looked around making sure he’s really talking to her. She saw no one else so she presumed that he’s really talking to her.


“You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed, do you know that?” he teased her while giggling.

Oh my~ it’s really him, I can’t be wrong, I know that voice.

“Is it okay for you to be talking to me?”

What she said startled Chinen.


Does she know?!

“BUT! It’s okay! I won’t tell anyone. I’m Yann, by the way.”

“Hi Yann! I’m…you know. Hehe~”

We’re having casual talk! Way to go Yann!

“So, are you from here? I haven’t seen you around before. I mean, I’m almost always here and I just saw this week. ><”

“Erm, no. I’m from Philippines. We came here to celebrate my birthday.” Shoot! Why did I say that it’s my birthday!? Aaaaa this is so embarrassing!!

“Hontou?! It’s your birthday today?!”

“Aahh, not exactly.”

“So when?”

“Err, is it ok to say it? Isn’t it sort of embarrassing? Thought it’s too late now.”

They both giggled.

“No, it’s fine. I asked you anyway.”

“Err, okay, it’s tomorrow.” Kyaaa~ hazukashi!! Hontou ni~!!

“Hahaha! You’re really cute when you’re embarrassed!”

“Ma’am, Sir, here’s your order.”

Their hands brushed against each other when they both took the shake on the girl’s left hand.

Yann’s face is so hot now! Her heart is beating so fast and loud, she can hear its every beat.

This time, both of them are embarrassed of what happened.

“Ahh~ gomen.” Chinen said scratching the back of his head looking down.

“Daijobu!” she replied still looking down. She’s afraid he might see her embarrassed face again.

“I have to go now.” Yann looked up with what she heard.

“I just escaped from one of our practice. He, *whispers* I mean Yabu-kun, might notice me missing this time if I stay long.”

“Oh…it’s okay. You’re practicing near here?”

“Ah yea, it’s on that hotel. Johnny-san actually owns that and he gave us a studio there to practice. I can’t tell you where exactly it is though, it’s classified info. Haha~” he pointed the exact same hotel they are staying at.

How great fate plays, huh.

“REALLY!? Wow! What a coincidence. That’s where we’re staying.” Nice one dad.

“Great! Then let’s go back together then? But I need a better disguise though. This might ruin your life if they see that it’s me” he said whispering while covering his face better with his hat and wore shades.

“Ii yo~ if ever that happens, I’m sure I’m strong enough to handle that. I have my family with me.” She said flashing a smile thinking about her happy family.

“You must have a great family, ne?” he said and they started walking towards the hotel.

“Yes! They’re my most treasured people and y…” shoot! She stopped seeing where her statement is going to.



“You cut your sentence. They’re your most treasured people and…?”

Wuaaaa~ he’s too keen! Sasuga.

”and…I love them!”

“Sou.” She heard him say. She doesn’t know if he’s convinced since she can’t look into his face.

They were in front of the elevator and she knows her moment with Chinen is nearing its end. But she can’t be too greedy, she’s lucky this moment is happening to her.

The next floor is where she’d be getting off the elevator. And it came. She’s sad, it’s going to end. She’s happy that she had the chance to know more and actually talk to, literally speaking, the man of his dreams.

“I’m going then.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow! I’ll be waiting.”

*ting! And the door closed.

She was left there, dumbfounded.

Did he said see you tomorrow? I’ll be waiting? Wait…she pinched herself. Itai! Ok, It’s not a dream. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!! Gosh! I was worrying over nothing! We’re still seeing each other! And it’s on my birthday too! Thank you, Lord! This is the best birthday EVER!!!


“Ate Do!!!” she jumped over her startled sister and hugged her. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!! This is my best birthday ever!!”

“Mom! Dad!” she kissed then hugged them. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“What happened to her?” Do was still stunned.

Kaze wo kire~” she was galloping on her way to her room while singing UMP.


It was no use going straight to her bed. She’s been lying there for 2 hours but she can’t sleep whatever position she does. She’s too excited for tomorrow to come.

See you tomorrow! I’ll be waiting….

See you tomorrow! I’ll be waiting….

See you tomorrow! I’ll be waiting….

“AAAAAAAAAAAA!! It keeps on playing on my head! Kyaaaaa~” she’s trying to suppress her flailing so she won’t wake up her sister.

Part 3
| Part 4 | Epilogue

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Strawberry Shake part 1

Jun. 1st, 2011 | 02:22 am

Title: Strawberry Shake part 1
Pairing: Chinen x Yann (thatsuraito )
Rating: PG
Genre: failed Fluff

AN: Just because icarus_fly requested me to post this XD
don't expect anything (as if someone's going to read it)
oh and ate do~ i'll really try to do another one just for you :)) =*



It was 2:47 am when Yann woke up because of a dream she keeps on seeing. She wasn’t really bothered about it at first but it occurs too often for her to ignore it.

She was standing on an alley, wearing a sweater and a coat with fur on its hems, dark blue jeans and khaki brown boots. It’s not snowing but you’ll know it just snowed because there are white piles of it everywhere.

“Kirei na~” she thinks.

She was talking with someone, but it’s more like, someone’s talking to her but she doesn’t really understand what the girl is saying. She was anxious about something though she’s not really sure why.

The girl just stopped talking when a guy passed beside her. He’s wearing black hat, black coat, white jeans and a really nice pair of boots.

“I know this guy…i…” her eyes narrowed as she was trying really hard to remember.

Her eyes followed the figure as it went farther and farther.

“I KNOW! -------“

“I KNOW! And then yea~ I woke up” Yann rolled her eyes as she finished enumerating the details of her dream to her sister.

“WHAT!? That’s the most important part!” Do shook Yann’s shoulder in frustration

“I know! But I just always wake up! You’re not half as how annoyed as I was after I woke up!” Yann said messing her own hair.

“Whatever you, baka! Haha! Sleep again and dream!”

“But I’ll just end up waking up again on that part!” she pouted “He’s really something you know. He gives off this certain aura that lures me.” She said, her hands on her chest.

Their conversation was cut off when they heard the door opening.

“Girls! We have a surprise for you!” it was their oh-so-beloved mom holding lengthwise papers as she and their dad sat with them in the sofa.

“Oh, right now?!” Do said while changing her position to sit on her knees. She looks so excited.

“Eh?” Yann was left in confusion as she saw her sister reacting oddly.

“You see, I was nagged by your mother and sister to grant this huge wish for your birthday.”

“Eh? Oh yea…but…isn’t my birthday one week from now?”

“We know, of course! But mom and I came up with this great idea to celebrate it. I sort of want to match up with what you came up for my birthday. Though this idea is way better than yours but it’s.fine.because.we.love.you.and.I’m.benefitting.from.this.too.and… and”

“WE’RE GOING TO JAPAN!” their mom helped Do say the words.

“YEAH!!” Do was still catching her breath

“….” Yann’s eyes widened as she heard those last four words she heard.

“WE’RE GOING TO JAPAN…Japan…Japan…Japan…”

“…MAJIDE?!?!?!?!?!” Yann screamed like she never did before.

“I can’t believe this! No way! How?! WHEN?!”

“Ok girls, I know you’re busy flailing again but try to lower your voice.” Their dad tried to calm them down but it’s no use.

“We’re going tomorrow” their mom said.

“Tomorrow?!?!” they were both startled and looked at each other in excitement.

“I thought we’d go there on her birthday. But, that’s ok, the sooner the better.” Do said.

Yann can’t still believe it. Tomorrow? We’re going to Japan? She’s trying to sort everything but her brain can’t seem to process everything clearly.

Her body sort of moved by itself and stood up. She hugged everyone and started crying.

“Thank you so much, mom, dad, ate. You don’t know how much happy I am now. You’re the best family in the whole wide world!!!”


They were on the plane and she’s sitting with her sister while their mom and dad are sitting in front of them.

Is this actually happening? She still can’t believe it. She tried pinching herself to see if it’s just a dream.

“Itai~” she winced her eyes in pain.

“What are you doing?”

“Reality checking.”

They both chuckled.

“Ate, really, thank you so much for doing this.”

“Mou~ we’re through with that, let’s just enjoy this. My God! I’m so excited, I wonder what’ll happen. You know, we could bump into any JE on the streets”

“I know! I know! If that happens…wait, if that happens, oh my God, I don’t know what I’ll do! I might freak out!”

“You’re freaking out right now.” Their dad faced them from his seat.

The four of them started laughing again.

“We are now landing at Japan.” [zomg I’m so sorry, I don’t know what words to use for this part since I haven’t really ridden a plane yet]

“We’re here! Get ready girls.” Their dad said prompting them to get ready.

They are ready, actually. The whole flight they were just readying themselves for the long awaited, sweet moment of stepping on the Land of the Rising Sun.

“OMG OMG! We’re here!” Yann said.

“Let’s go to our hotel first and rest. We’ll do the wandering tomorrow. Stack up all your energy so you can use them for tomorrow.”  Their dad said.


“I know it’s tempting but it’s for your own good babies.”

“Kaaaay” they said in unison defeated by their father’s concern.


The next morning came and they were all excited about exploring Japan.

“Come on, mom, dad! Hurry up!”

“Okay! Okay! Don’t worry, we’ve got the 5 days to enjoy everything.”

They went to a temple near their hotel then ate at a restaurant named Onaka Ippai then headed to many tourist spots in town and bought many souvenirs.

They decided to take a rest at a park near their hotel before going back.

“Ahh~ that was fun! And it’s just the first day!” Do said while finishing her melon shake.

“OiiI~ why are you the only one with a shake?! Where’d you buy that?”

“Over there!” Do pointed the stall in front of them. “Are you so exhausted that you didn’t noticed that? Tch~”

“Bleh!” Yann practically run to the stall to get her own shake.

“Be carefull, dear!” her mom saw her almost trip.

Yann waved her hand to say that she’s alright.

“Hi! One strawberry shake, please?”

“Okay~ just a sec ma’am.”

“Can I have a strawberry shake, too?”

“Right away, sir!”

She looked at the person and the first thing she noticed is their height.  He was almost the same height as her which made her proud of herself and/or pity the guy.

He’s wearing a hat and shades so she can’t really see his face. It seems that he didn’t really want anyone to see his face.

If I’m insane, I’d totally think this guy is a JE talent, and if I’m worse than insane, I’d think he’s Chinen. What the?! I’m really insane, just thinking about that.

She didn’t notice that she giggled softly while thinking about that but it’s audible enough for the guy to hear it.

He smiled at her.

WHOAH! How cuuute!! Oh my gosh I can’t flail here.

She smiled back aware that she’s so flushed making her flush more out of embarrassment.


The guy chuckled.

Are? I swear I know that voice. No, don’t be stupid. That’s like one in a million chances. Stop it!

Their orders came so, to her dismay, their little moment there ended.

They bowed their heads to each other and went at opposite directions.


“What was that?” Yamada asked amazed.


“Nothing!” Yann was trying to explain to Do what happened.

“Then why are you so flushed?! Haha! You’re flirting with a guy on our first day of vacation?!” Yann’s flushed look is just making Do want to tease her more.


“No I’m not! I was just buying a strawberry shake! Don’t be stupid Yama-chan.”

“You made a girl blush and you’re telling me you just bought a shake? And a what?! Strrraaawbeerrryyy shake??”

“I’m not giving you some!” Chinen flashed his tongue to Yamada and walked away from the park.


“Come on~ just lemme sip some. I was not satisfied by my shake! I bought the S size and yours is M!”

“What?! You just finished yours!” it was now Yann’s turn to tease her sister back.

“Girls, let’s head back to our hotel now. It’s getting dark.”

“Okay mom!” they said in unison and they walked still teasing each other.


That night she saw her dream that she has almost forgotten.

I thought it stopped already.


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this dream will be our reality

May. 17th, 2011 | 04:11 pm

as promised,. (lol as if i'm promising this to anyone XD)
here's the next song
thought this song was made before "i would, would you?"


every night before i lay myself down
i'm hoping that when i wake up
i'll see you by my side
saying things that i need to hear

every night i pray to God
asking Him to make you a part of my every dream
cause in my dreams
i see you loving me too
you're loving me too
do you love me too?

cause every night i hope and pray
to have more strength to face each day
cause each day is another step
to make this dream
our reality

every night i sing this song
hoping that you'll hear me
know how much this heart of mine
loves you so dearly

every night i play you songs
just to hear you voice
but every night though i don't play your songs at all
i still hear your voice inside my head
yea, you're inside my head
yea~ yea~

repeat chorus except last line

a time will come
you'll take my hand and walk with me
hand in hand you'll walk home with me

a time will come
you'll smile at me only for me
a smile only for me

this dream
will be
our reality...


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Intro [about me =3]

May. 20th, 2010 | 10:30 am
mood: good good

 i've been here in lj for quite a whiLe but i haven't really posted anything yet.
so i figured it would be best to post an introduction about me (though it may not interest you XD)
i'm studying at UST (University of Santo Tomas), major in Accounting
i'm very proud to be a Thomasian! yey~
i'm also a Christian
i love GOD and GOD loves me! =3
i don't think life would be worth living without GOD.
i'm a Hey! Say! JUMP fan since last year? i can't really tell...
i became a fan because friends have influenced me and i can say that i'm really thankful because it's great knowing such creatures exist. =DD
i used to be a huge ANIME addict, but now i think i'm not that into it anymore, but i still love it though not as much as i did.

i love many things...but i don't think i can enumerate them one by one
i also hate some things but i'm pretty much open-minded so i can still change my perception about those things

some of my hobbies.. hmmm watching movies! no, not in cinemas, but i dL. most of the movies i watch are dL'ed ><
but i also like going to different places if i have time and money to spend.. lol XD
i'd love to have company/ies but i also like it alone.. i dunno why, but yea~
i read books too! like harry potter, bob ong's books, and books that anyone would suggest to me..=p

i'm not the sporty type, but i can stretch some muscles and bones if i'd want to.
i can say that i'm very unpredictable.. i can't even predict myseLf..like, you wouldn't know what would make me mad or happy (though i'm very simple and shallow haha!) XD but i love that part of me.. yahaha

but there is one thing i REALLY REALLY HATE...
it's those people sending me links to scary photos/videos!!
i really hate it! it might not be a big deal for you, but it is to me!
people who sent me such links don't know what happens to me when i see those stuff
but as i've told before, DON'T SEND those kind of things to me. please.

that's all, i think,. XD i can't think of anything else right now.
i hope this would be fine.
maybe i'd keep posting nonsense every once in a while. :))


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